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Please respect creative work

Developing your own technology means dealing intensively with the topic and being willing to invest a great deal. The Chiocchetti style is unique and has been developed by Sandra Chiocchetti over the years. She is the originator.

Therefore, any further use, duplication etc. of all works by Sandra Chiocchetti - in whole or in part - on other platforms or in any other way without permission from Sandra Chiocchetti is prohibited.

Swiss copyright law applies.

The topics for the necessary clarity:



Purchase an original

Sandra Chiocchetti's art of sketching inspires spaces all over the world.

The purchase contract can be made verbally, via email, social media, etc. The agreed purchase amount is due in full before or when the work is handed over. 

After that, the work belongs to the buyer. Sandra Chiocchetti has the right to use the work as a reference in catalogues, website and social media. However, no items such as cards to produce.

When used in a book, the new owner will be informed via email. You are free to reject a publication.

Commission works as a private person

The order can be made verbally or via email or social media. If Sandra Chiocchetti accepts the request, there is no obligation to buy until the «work-in-progress» photos. If you like the work, you will have to pay for it.

After full payment, the work will be handed over or sent to the post office.

The customer bears the risk of postage.

Sandra Chiocchetti has the right to use the work as a reference in catalogues, website and social media. However, no items such as cards to produce. When used in a book, the new owner will be informed via email. You are free to reject a publication.

means of payment

Bank transfer in advance, cash, PayPal, credit cards and TWINT.


Communication with a special effect

Sandra Chiocchetti's art of sketching turns communication into something very special.

TakeContact with Sandra Chiocchettiup to discuss the details.


The customer may use the works/illustrations for the entire communication without any time restrictions.

The only exception is use for sales items. This requires an individual regulation, which must be agreed in advance.

If possible, "Illustration by Sandra Chiocchetti" should be used on the publications.


  • After the offer and the commitment, a binding order confirmation follows.

  • On account of 1/3 of the total order volume when placing the order.

  • If the order is canceled, the amount is due up to and including the finished and started works.

  • After receipt of the remaining amount, the originals will be sent, handed over or picked up by the new owner. The customer bears the shipping risk.



Registration art week

Please use the registration form for this. Participation will also be considered inbox. Only a certain number of seats are available. 

The art week and coaching are to be paid 100% within 30 days after confirmation. 

Cancellation of art weeks and coaching

If the number of participants is insufficient, a planned art week can be cancelled. In this case, you will be refunded the payment you have already made.

Coaching can be postponed due to illness. if this is not possible, the payment made will be refunded. 

A further claim is excluded in both cases.


cancellation of a registration

If you are unable to take part in a booked art week, please let me know in writing.

Cancellation up to 2 months before the start of the course is free of charge, cancellation/processing fees apply if you cancel later:
Receipt from 1 month before the start 50% of the fee
Receipt from 1 week before the start 100% of the fee

In case of absence, do not show up 100% of the fee
If no written cancellation occurs, 100% of the fee

If you, as a participant, break off an art week or coaching prematurely, you are not entitled to a refund of the fee or a proportionate amount thereof.


We are not liable for accidents, theft or damage of any kind that occurs during or outside of an art week or coaching.

Cancellation insurance is the responsibility of the participant. Every course participant undertakes to comply with the current hygiene rules of the Federal Office of Public Health (BAG) in the rooms. 


There is the possibility that photos or video recordings will be made for documentation during an art week. By signing this registration, the participant grants me an unrestricted, irrevocable and transferrable right to use all photos taken during this art week.

The right of use extends to all currently known types of use and includes in particular the duplication, distribution and exhibition as well as making it publicly available and other public reproduction.




In workshops, boesner courses, sketch days, artochen und Coaching sessions, Sandra Chiocchetti shows the secret of her specially developed technique to other artists. With her enormous knowledge, the very individual tips and impulses, she offers the participants the opportunity to develop further with their own art and handwriting. All mediated content and techniques serve this purpose: to be a source of inspiration to be able to create something new with your own handwriting. 


The Chiocchetti style is Sandra Chiocchetti's own development. She is the originator of this special technique. Everything that Sandra Chiocchetti conveys is intended exclusively for personal use and may not be passed on to third parties, either in part or as a whole.

If you want to pass on the acquired technology to third parties or make it accessible, you can acquire a license with training from Sandra Chiocchetti. For details pleaseContactrecord, tape.


They are intended for the personal use of the participants. That
Copyright of the concepts and documents is exclusive
Sandra Chiocchetti to. The participant is not permitted to reproduce the documents and/or make them accessible to third parties. Publication, even in part, is prohibited.

Photos and video/sound recordings

Photos of Sandra Chiocchetti's demonstration work are permitted for private use. They may not be published and passed on to third parties is prohibited.

Permission must be obtained to photograph the work of other participants.

Video and sound recordings are part of workshops, boesner courses, seminars, artochen und Coaching prohibited.


The subject templates provided are sources of inspiration and for personal use and for practicing at the workshops, boesner courses, sketch days, artochen und coaching. Please note that images are protected by copyright. Exact copying without the permission of the photographer is not recommended. Sandra Chiocchetti declines any kind of liability and cannot be held responsible. 


The information and advice in the workshops/courses, as well as in
All documentation has been carefully checked by Sandra Chiocchetti. Each participant bears full responsibility for himself and his
Actions within and outside of the workshop/course and
is responsible for any damage caused. Participation in
Workshops, boesner courses, seminars, art
ochen und Coaching takes place at your own risk and to the exclusion of any liability on the part of Sandra Chiocchetti.

Insurance is the responsibility of the participants.

final word

Manufactured copies or copies of Sandra Chiocchetti's work before, during or after workshops, boesner courses, sketch days, artochen und Coaching is only permitted for private purposes and may not be sold as your own development/work.

Let yourself be inspired - absolutely. But do your own thing afterwards.

Be creative and develop your own style. I wish you success.

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